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Zubir on the doorsteps

Ready to represent Glasgow South West

Dear Friend, 

I was born and brought up in Govanhill, as the oldest of five children to Pakistani parents and a grandfather who served in the Royal Hong Kong Police force. Through encouragement and the sacrifices of my Mum and Dad (a black cab driver who currently continues to work at the age of 84), I was able to secure a place at Glasgow medical school and further training in general and vascular surgery.

I now practice as a transplant surgeon, serving the people of Glasgow South West and western Scotland. I live in the Southside of Glasgow with my wife and our two young sons. My experiences in the hospital have highlighted the inequities that exist in our communities and support systems.

COVID-19 unmasked deep wounds of societal inequality, a creaking health service and a threat to the future prospects of our children. Our nation's recovery cannot be tackled by more talk of division and separation from the SNP in Westminster. We urgently require bold decision making and a radical policy agenda to get the United Kingdom ready for the challenges of the mid 21st century. 

Only the Labour party has a clear alternative plan for the people of Scotland: one of recovery, renewal and a revolution in the delivery and funding of our public services. I firmly believe that Labour is the only credible party that can deliver this vision of repair and reform, reversing the past 14 years of chaos with the Conservatives.

By voting Labour on 4th July, we will create a parliament that will showcase and utilise all the talent of our country. I stand ready to serve, as your MP for Glasgow South West.


Zubir Hospital

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